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Hawks Ventures is a mission-driven venture capital investment fund, focused on expanding upon the Atlanta Hawks core values of innovation and inclusivity. We focus on investing in early-stage startups, led by minority and underrepresented founders, that seek to impact the ways consumers experience a product or service. We look to invest in companies with high-growth potential that have big ideas, clear vision, and a plan for execution.

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Arena Home Gym

Hawks Ventures Makes First Investment Into Arena

Hawks Ventures today announced its first investment into ARENA Innovation Corp. (“ARENA”), a fitness technology startup that develops portable robotic strength training and rehabilitation devices. The company's debut product, the ARENA Platform, is a strength training device that generates up to 200 pounds of isoinertial resistance designed to deliver the Optimal Training Dose.

About Hawks Ventures

We are committed to direct-to-consumer and B2B2C startups that will look to transform an experience for the end user. We expect to bring more than just capital; we are passionate about supporting founders and are committed to leveraging our expertise in customer experience, our vast network and resources to help founders achieve their goals.

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Why Minority Entrepreneurs? The Facts


. . . of venture capitalists said it was not a priority to invest in multicultural entrepreneurs, according to a survey of 200 venture capitalists published by Morgan Stanley in 2019.


. . . of venture dollars went to Black and Latinx founders in 2020 (Crunchbase, Aug 31, 2020).


. . . black businesses receive only 1.2% of all venture capital (Stanford University, Nov 2018).


. . . growth rate of Latino entrepreneurs is the fastest-growing group in the United States, yet Latino founders have received only 1% of venture capital (Stanford University Nov 2018, Crunchbase Aug 31, 2020).

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